How VRelax went from Start-up to Scale-up with Salesforce

For VRelax, we were able to provide a full implementation of Sales and Service Cloud. We also linked marketing automation with Salesforce to follow up qualified leads as quickly as possible. Salesforce offers VRelax more overview of the sales process. This enables the organization to further scale up in the coming years. Read in this case how VRelax makes the most of Salesforce's functionalities!


About VRelax

VRelax offers a scientifically validated virtual reality app aimed at people within the mental health community, hospitals and business. With VRelax, they manage their stress levels themselves. It is a relaxation tool against stress, burnout, anxiety and gloom. But also a distraction tool for pain distraction, physical discomfort and medical technical procedures. From mild stress to severe psychological symptoms, VRelax can provide relief for any kind of stress at any time and place.

“This creates a 360-degree view of the customer, where sales, marketing and service come together on one platform!”

Together with its investors Carduso Capital and Triade, VRelax’s ambitious team has the ambition to further expand its footprint in the Dutch and European markets in the coming years. Over the past year, VRelax has shaped this ambition by expanding its Sales and Marketing team by 3 senior professionals. To further accelerate this growth, a good system is necessary to optimally support the Marketing and Sales activities. With Salesforce, VRelax chose a package that not only provides insight into the conversion on Sales. It can also shape the service organization and customer contact after purchase. This creates a 360-degree view of the customer, where Sales, Marketing and Service come together on one platform!

VRelax has streamlined the entire sales process with the Salesforce solution: The marketing automation tool sends prospects to Salesforce as leads at the right time. These new leads are instantly viewable from one central location to be followed up by the sales team. Glasses and licenses sales targets are also transparent and the Sales and Marketing team has a good overview of the processes. The Sales department can compare targets and progress on a monthly or yearly basis. Using Sales Cloud, among other things, also provides more insight into the lead time to bring in new customers. In addition, it is clear in which segments these customers are located. The salespeople have a good view of the targets and see at a glance where the opportunities lie.

Northern collaboration

VRelax wanted a system with which to make strides in the Sales and Service area and thus meet the high expectations for the future. The organization is very satisfied with the cooperation. Since both companies are from Groningen, it was possible to switch quickly. Therefore, nice steps were taken in streamlining the internal processes. “We needed a party that continued to support us throughout the process so that we could use Salesforce optimally,” said Sebastiaan Lommelaars, Marketing Manager at VRelax.

“It was very nice that the consultants from CBEE Remarkable also had knowledge of our internal processes, so Salesforce now fits perfectly. They took a lot of work off our hands and communication was clear and fast. As a result, we have made great strides toward automating processes and the system is really being used optimally!”

Results of our approach

  • hexa-shape Stock registration of VR glasses
  • hexa-shape Case management glasses insightful
  • hexa-shape Taking advantage of sales opportunities

Also scaling quickly with Salesforce?


Chris Boonstra

Owner & Business Partner

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