Salesforce as accelerator for Growth The Success Story of MedEnvoy Global

MedEnvoy helps companies comply with Europe's new stringent medical device import regulations. Since the introduction of these regulations in May 2021, they have experienced remarkable growth. To facilitate and accelerate this growth, MedEnvoy deliberately chose Salesforce. A trusted CRM platform known for its reliability and versatility. However, to make the most of this powerful tool, they could use some help and enlisted the help of CBEE Remarkable.


CBEE Remarkable maximizes the potential of Salesforce.

‘MedEnvoy Global was founded in 2020 and grew out of Luctor Medical,’ says Edgar Kasteel, managing director and co-founder of MedEnvoy. ‘We were already using Salesforce with great satisfaction at Luctor Medical. Originally, we wanted to use Salesforce to streamline MedEnvoy’s sales process and store customer information. But soon we saw that we could also use it more broadly. For example, for customer onboarding. Because of our rapid growth and market opportunities, we wanted to deploy Salesforce quickly and optimally. Fortunately, during our first conversation with CBEE Remarkable, we already had full confidence in the quick steps we could make together with CBEE.’


The Power of Automation

Based on MedEnvoy’s internal processes and requirements, CBEE’s team immediately sets up a Salesforce environment. Edgar is very pleased with this setup. “The entire sales process is now integrated into Salesforce. From generating a lead to closing an opportunity. All information has to be stored securely. In our Salesforce environment, we are now assured of that. Moreover, Salesforce’s automation features minimize the chance of input errors,” Edgar says. Another example of the power of automation is lead registration through MedEnvoy’s website. “When customers fill out a form on our website, Salesforce automatically creates a lead that it assigns to the appropriate Account Executive. As a result, no more leads slip through our fingers and the sales process is further accelerated.’

Salesforce as a Foundation for Continued Growth and Success

Salesforce Consultant Ruben Doornbos, guided the implementation from CBEE Remarkable. Together with Edgar, he continues to build on Salesforce’s options. He says, “Within MedEnvoy, we work a lot with SOWs (Statement of Work documents) and NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements). These are complex documents that need to be signed by different parties. That’s why we implemented Docusign. With a simple click of a button, Salesforce now automatically generates these documents with the correct data, which are then sent digitally to the customer for signature. Once signed, the information is automatically fed back into Salesforce. This provides significant time savings. We also implemented Salesforce Knowledge, a knowledge base built on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce Knowledge allows the service team to look up frequently asked questions within Salesforce, providing the right information to customers at the right time. In addition, customers can also access frequently asked questions themselves within the online portal. Customers easily look up the information. This leads to fewer support questions and a more efficient service process for MedEnvoy’s team.

Edgar is very pleased with the collaboration with CBEE Remarkable. “The project structure was clear and communication was very transparent. The Agile project approach is also nice because through the weekly meetings with the consultants you keep making progress. It was our wish to be up and running quickly. It is then nice when the other party goes along with this.

Thanks to the proactive and committed working methods of CBEE Remarkable, we now use even more functions of Salesforce than we originally had in mind. In just three years, we have grown from 5 to 35 employees, a growth that is undoubtedly due in part to the optimizations within Salesforce. ‘For the coming years, we have growth ambitions focused on the US, where the team at CBEE Remarkable will once again support us.’

Results of our approach

  • hexa-shape Automatic Lead Registration
  • hexa-shape Streamlined Sales Process
  • hexa-shape Connecting Sales and Service on a single platform

Also curious how your organization can harness the power of Salesforce?


Ruben Doornbos

Salesforce Consultant

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