BigMile: The standard in CO2 footprint optimization

For BigMile, we optimized the Salesforce environment and streamlined internal business processes. This allows the organization to shape the process from lead generation to deal closing on a single platform. With the optimized environment, BigMile can make Salesforce work for them, instead of the other way around. In conversation with Marieke Lenstra, Global Marketing Manager at BigMile, we'll tell you more about this great partnership!


About BigMile

BigMile is the standard in CO2 footprint optimization. With BigMile’s products, companies and institutions can calculate and provide insight into their transportation-related carbon footprint. Based on these insights, companies can work towards Zero Emission transport in the future. BigMile provides organizations with reliable tools to report, analyze and ultimately reduce emissions.


Limited use of the power of Salesforce

After choosing Salesforce, the BigMile team at the time took its own first steps in implementing the system. Salesforce was primarily used to record general information, which limited the power of Salesforce. Content-wise, there was enough knowledge about the desired way of working, but specific Salesforce knowledge was missing. As a result, there was no translation of the BigMile working method to the platform.


The process from website visitor to closed deal on one platform

During an on-site requirements workshop, we mapped out BigMile’s complete process together. In doing so, we also translated the team’s requirements into Salesforce functionalities, to leverage the power of the platform. The goal was to make Salesforce work for BigMile, and not the other way around.

The result: A standardized sales process from website visitor to closed deal on the Salesforce platform. By setting up the complete sales process, every employee, now and in the future, knows which steps are important to successfully close deals. Standardization allows BigMile to easily duplicate the solution in the future as it expands to other countries! The team also uses campaigns to calculate event ROI and centralize all internal communications. Ultimately, the data and performance present is displayed in three separate dashboards for different purposes: Marketing, Sales and Management.

The wishes and requirements

There was a desire from within the organization to get more out of Salesforce, according to Marieke: “We were specifically looking to optimize Salesforce to make better use of its standard functionalities.”


Working with CBEE Remarkable

BigMile is very pleased with the collaboration.” CBEE Remarkable managed the project within time and budget, was flexible and very thoughtful about the possible solutions. When we outlined a certain situation, CBEE was able to translate this almost immediately into how this could work in the software,” said Marieke. The good feeling during the first meeting turned out to be right. Marieke: “The approach to define the scope sounded good. There was also a sense of expertise.”

After completing the current project, they are still looking at the follow-up: “In the future, we want to work more extensively with marketing automation and integrate with Salesforce. Furthermore, we are looking at the possibility of creating efficient quotations from Salesforce, based on the available information.”

Using the new Salesforce environment, BigMile can scale the organization in the future. In this way, Salesforce can support the organization in achieving its bright growth ambitions in the future.

Results of our approach

  • hexa-shape Enriching data to close more deals
  • hexa-shape Providing insight into performance through reports and dashboards
  • hexa-shape A 360-degree customer view created
  • hexa-shape The process from website visitor to closed deal shaped on one platform

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Thomas Klopstra

Co-owner & Salesforce Lead

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